As awareness of the existence of gender diverse and transgender people expands, extremist individuals, hate groups (as defined by the Southern Poverty Law Center) and organizations invest more deeply in the distribution of lies, propaganda, misrepresented research and ignorance disguised as opinion for the purpose of hate and fear mongering.

Whether these lies come from religious extremists, far-right political factions, trans-exclusionary radical feminism (TERF) or even transgender and gender diverse individuals themselves, their distortions of fact and reality are driven by one common goal: the continued marginalization and oppression of children, adolescents, teens and adults who fall somewhere on the transgender spectrum.

This blog provides fact-based rebuttal to the lies, illumination of misrepresented research, and clarity on willfully ignorant and hate-driven anti-transgender opinion and so-called journalism.

This blog is maintained by TransActive Gender Center, a leading national non-profit organization providing education, advocacy and other resources and services to gender diverse children, youth, their families and the communites in which they live.


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