Extremist Agendas: “Bathroom Bills”



In the aftermath of the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) ruling that made marriage equality the law of the land, far-right conservative and religious extremist individuals, groups, organizations and legislators have shifted much of their focus to anti-transgender and gender diversity protections at the local, state and federal levels.

This shift began with a successful repeal of civil rights protections for LGBTQ people in Houston, Texas. Their primary strategic target is opposition to public accommodation laws (so-called “bathroom bills”) that protect transgender individuals’ right to use a restroom, locker room or other gender-segregated facility that corresponds with their gender identity. Their tactics include:


The overwhelming majority of those supporting these Bills are Republican.
We leave analysis of that fact up to the reader.


Three Republican state Senators sitting on a five-member committee objected to, and shot-down a Bill that would have made it easier for transgender people to amend their birth certificates. The same three Republican Senators voted down a Bill banning gay conversion therapy on minors.  Voting against these two Bills were Rep. Ray Scott (R) from Grand Junction, Rep. Jerry Sonnenberg (R) from Sterling, and Rep. Owen Hill (R) from Colorado Springs.

This effort was driven by an anti-transgender, religious extremist political agenda.


ILLINOIS [Trigger Warning-Extremist Christian/Right Wing Hate Content]

Extremist elected officials in Illinois have introduced legislation in the Illinois General Assembly that will, by design, implement and enforce discrimination (in violation of Title IX) against transgender children, adolescents and teens in public schools throughout the state. House Bill 4474 is a hate motivated Right Wing, Extremist Christian “bathroom bill” that ‘fixes a problem’ that simply doesn’t exist.

HB 4474 was introduced by State Representative Tom Morrision (R) and co-sponsored by John D. Anthony (R), Mark Batinick (R), John M. Cabello (R), C.D. Davidsmeyer (R), Mary E. Flowers (D), Jeanne M. Ives (R), Dwight Kay (R), Sherry L. Jesiel (R), Bill Mitchell (R), Reginald Phillips (R), David Reis (R), Barbara Wheeler (R), and Keith Wheeler (R).

Unlike most of these exclusively Republican-driven bills, House Democrat Mary Flowers of District 31 in Springfield is a co-sponsor of HB4474.

Rep. Morrison formerly taught 5th-grade at the Christian Liberty School in Arlington Heights. CLA is a private school with a non-discrimination policy that DOES NOT include protections based on sex, sexual orientation or gender identity, which is their right as a private religious institution (assuming they do not receive any Federal funding). Tom Morrison wants to require all public schools in the state of Illinois to submit to the Right Wing extremist discriminatory policies of his former employer, the Christian Liberty School.

This effort is driven by an anti-transgender, religious extremist political agenda fueled by HATE, IGNORANCE & INSENSITIVITY TO THE ABUSE OF TRANSGENDER YOUTH.

Indiana lawmakers Sen. Jim Tomes (R)Rep. Rhonda Rhoads (R), Rep. Bob Heaton (R) and Rep. Tim Harman (R) have proposed Bills (SB 35 / HB 1031 / HB 1079) that would make it a crime for transgender people to use public restrooms and locker rooms that do not conform to their  chromosomes or sexual anatomy at birth.

This effort is driven by an anti-transgender, religious extremist political agenda.

For more information, visit Indiana Transgender Rights.





Christian extremist and right wing state Sen. Ed Emery (R) has introduced a “bathroom bill” in the Missouri State Senate that, if passed, would amend existing state law to intentionally and with malice discriminate against transgender children, adolescents, teens and adults. There are, at present, no co-sponsors of this bill.

Sen. Emery is a supporter of and award recipient from the Concerned Women for America. Here is a link to videos of CCW’s leading spokesmodel Penny Nance talking about transgender kids. [TRIGGER WARNING]

[Sen. Emery] rejects the idea that the policy is discriminatory, comparing it to “height requirements on roller coasters and age requirements in kindergartens.

SB 720 would amend Chapter 171 (School Operations) of the Missouri Revised Statutes by adding a new section; 171.425:

171.425 – 1. For the purposes of this section “biological sex” means the physical condition of being male or female, which is determined by a person’s chromosomes, and is identified at birth by a person’s anatomy and indicated on their birth certificate.

ANALYSIS: Among other things, the hate motivated SB 720 seeks to define “biological sex” in a way that perpetuates and embraces a pre-20th century understanding of biological science, endocrinology, genetics, pre-natal development and sociology. It excludes the ENTIRE SEGMENT of humanity that is intersex.

171.425 – 2. In every public school setting in which a student may be in a state of undress in the presence of other students, school personnel shall provide separate, distinct areas designated for use by students based on their biological sex to ensure the personal privacy and safety of students

ANALYSIS: SB 720, due to its archaic, binary-only understanding and definition of “biological sex” would put school officials in the impossible position of making a scientific/biological determination of a student’s sexual biology, when in fact such a determination may well fall outside SB 720’s narrow definition of “biological sex” in the case of intersex students.

171.425 – 3. Every public school restroom, locker room, and shower room designated for student use and which is accessible by multiple students at the same time shall be designated for and used only by students of the same biological sex. At no time shall a student be allowed to access a public school restroom, locker room, or shower room designated for use by the opposite biological sex

ANALYSIS: In addition to requiring schools to confirm and police the sexual biology of their students, SB 720 would require school district employees to monitor the genitalia of students at every grade level. This EXTREMELY invasive violation of student privacy reveals an unhealthy and abusive obsession with the genitalia of minor children, adolescents and teens on the part of religious extremists and right wing legislators.

171.425 – 4. (1) A student who asserts to school officials that his or her gender is different from his or her biological sex may be provided with alternative restroom, locker room, or shower room accommodations, provided that a parent or legal guardian of a minor child who makes such assertion shall provide written consent to use of such alternative accommodations. Such accommodations shall not include the use of student restrooms, locker rooms, or shower rooms designated for use by students of the opposite biological sex.

ANALYSIS: The above section of SB 720 seeks to circumvent Federal Title IX civil rights protections, which require public schools receiving federal funding to affirm the asserted gender identity of students whether or not the student’s parents approve of their child’s gender identification or gender expression. Passage of SB 720 would place transgender students in Missouri at great risk of having no ‘safe space’ in which to find support and affirmation of their true selves.

171.425 – (2) Acceptable accommodations may include but are not limited to access to single-stall restrooms, unisex restrooms, or controlled use of faculty restrooms, locker rooms, or shower rooms.

This section of SB 720 seeks to establish ‘separate-NOT-equal’ access to restrooms for transgender students. SB 720 is clearly discrminatory in that it would subject transgender students to heightened potential for harassment, bullying and humiliation as a result of being required to use restroom facilities different than those of their same gender peers for no other purpose than to differentiate them from their peers. It further discriminates against and creates undue hardship on transgender students by requiring them to often go further than their peers to access a restroom, seek additional levels of approval to use of the restroom and increases the potential for them being late to class as a result of having to use a restroom that is not as convenient as those used by their peers.


Scheduled to be introduced on February 1, 2016 by Sen. Joseph Silk (R), Senate Bill 1014 states as follows:

“It shall be unlawful for a person to use a gender-specific restroom when that person’s biological gender is contrary to that of the gender-specific restroom.”

Senator Joseph Silk is a Christian-extremist politician with an extensive history of promoting anti-LGBTQ hate and intolerance. [TRIGGER WARNING]

You can send Senator Silk an email message by clicking on the link attached to his hame above.

This effort is driven by an anti-transgender, religious extremist political agenda.

South Carolina


There is an extremely discriminatory legislative Bill being introduced by Right Wing, anti-transgender hate mongers and religious extremists in South Dakota.

House Bill 1008, introduced by Rep. Fred Deutsch (R) and Sen. Brock Greenfield (R)  (see below for additional co-sponsors) seeks to write into law discrimination against transgender students for reasons motivated only by ignorance, intolerance, hate and religious extremism.

UPDATE: On Monday, January 25th, the South Dakota House State of Affairs Committee approved House Bill 1008, which advances the Bill in the State Legislature. HB-1008 was amended prior to leaving the Committee, removing the requirement that the state Attorney General defend school districts in the predictable lawsuits that will follow approval of this hateful, hurtful and discriminatory piece of legislation.

Sign the ACLU of South Dakota’s “Protect Transgender Student’s Rights Petition“now!

Bill Summary & Commentary:

  1. Defines the “condition of being male or female” by an individual’s chromosomes (How is that remotely enforceable?) and their anatomy as observed at birth.
    (At best, eliminating the authenticity of intersex individuals and at worst, encouraging barbaric surgery to ‘correct’ bodies that don’t conform to anatomical sex stereotypes.)
  2. Designates every public school restroom, locker room and shower room for the exclusive use of “students of the same biological sex”. They extend this designation to facilities used in conjunction with off school premises activities. (Again, how is this even remotely enforceable? Biological test stations at the entrance to every restroom and locker room?)
  3. Requires transgender students to use a “reasonable accommodation…one that does not impose an undue hardship on a school district. A reasonable accommodation may not include the use of student restrooms, locker rooms, or shower rooms designated for use by students of the opposite biological sex if students of the opposite biological sex are present or could be present. A reasonable accommodation may include a single-occupancy restroom, a unisex restroom, or the controlled use of a restroom, locker room, or shower room that is designated for use by faculty”.
    (This implies that, on a biological basis, sex exists only as a dichotomous binary. It is both scientifically inaccurate and predicated on the establishment of a separate-but-NOT-equal public accomodation for a specific class of individuals already protect by Federal Title IX statutes.)
  4. Finally, in anticipation of lawsuits from individuals, organizations and the Federal Government for violation of Title IX and other equal access protections, HB1008 requires the Attorney General of the State of South Dakota to a) defend this law in Court proceedings and represent any school officials named in any lawsuit at no cost to the individual, and b) that the State of South Dakota will pay any/all monetary damages issued against any school district or school district official or employee for violating the Federal civil and human rights of transgender students.
    [NOTE: This last section of the original Bill was amended and removed from the Bill that passed our of the House State of Affairs Committee on January 25, 2016.]


Co-sponsors of HB1008 include Representatives: Scott Craig (R), Al Novstrup (R), Jeff Partridge (R), Lance Russell (R), Lee Schoenbeck (R), Mike Verchio (R), Larry Zikmund (R), and Senators Terri Haverly (R), Ried Holien (R), Betty Olsen (R), Ernie Otten (R).

Sign the petition to encourage lawmakers to VOTE NO on HB-1008

This effort is driven by an anti-transgender, religious extremist political agenda fueled by HATE, IGNORANCE & INSENSITIVITY TO THE ABUSE OF TRANSGENDER YOUTH.



HB-2589, HB-2782 & SB-6443
Right wing hate mongers and religious extremists Rep. Graham Hunt (R), Rep. Brad Klippert (R), and Sen. Doug Ericksen (R), have introduced bills that will ensure, in Ericksen’s words, “The boys will use the boys’ locker room and the girls will use the girls’ locker room.”

  • Rep. Graham Hunt has introduced HB2589 seeking to add the following amendment to RCW 49.60.030 (which protects the right of transgender people to use gender segregated facilities):

(4) Nothing in this chapter prohibits a public or private entity from limiting access to a private facility segregated by gender, such as a bathroom, restroom, toilet, shower, locker room, or sauna, to a person if the person is preoperative, nonoperative, or otherwise has genitalia of a different gender from that for which the facility is segregated. Nothing in this chapter grants any right to a person to access a private facility segregated by gender, such as a bathroom, restroom, toilet, shower, locker room, or sauna, of a public or private entity if the person is preoperative, nonoperative, or otherwise has genitalia of a different gender from that for which the facility is segregated.

Co-sponsors of HB2589 include: Shelly Short (R), Luanne Van Werven (R), Jay Rodne (R), Gina McCabe (R), David Taylor (R), Jeff Holy (R), Matt Manweller (R), Matt Shea (R), Maureen Walsh (R), Elizabeth Scott (R), Dick Muri (R), Norma Smith (R), Joe Schmick (R), Mark Harmsworth (R), Bob McCaslin (R), Linda Kochmar (R), Cary Condotta (R), Drew MacEwen (R), Vincent Buys (R), Dan Griffey (R), Lynda Wilson (R), Liz Pike (R), Jesse Young (R), Brad Klippert (R), Brad Hawkins (R), Larry Haler (R), Joel Kretz (R), J.T. Wilcox (R), Hans Zeiger (R), Tom Dent (R), Mark Hargrove (R), Teri Hickel (R), Melanie Stambaugh (R), Michelle Caldier (R), Dave Hayes (R), and Kevin Parker (R)

  • Representative Brad Klippert (R) has introduced HB2782, also seeking to amend Washington RCW 49.60.030 to prohibit transgender individuals, or ANYONE not having XX/XY sex chromomes (in his words “DNA”) from using a restroom not corresponding to their “DNA”:

AN ACT Relating to establishing the gender privacy protection act; adding a new section to chapter 49.60 RCW; and creating a new section. BE IT ENACTED BY THE LEGISLATURE OF THE STATE OF WASHINGTON: NEW SECTION. Sec. 1. This act may be known and cited as the Washington gender privacy protection act. NEW SECTION. Sec. 2. A new section is added to chapter 49.60 RCW to read as follows: (1) Nothing in this chapter or in any other provision of state law grants the right to any person who possesses male anatomy or male deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) to enter into or use a public or private facility that is open to the public and is or has been segregated by gender for the private use of those who possess female anatomy or female deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) including, but not limited to, a bathroom, restroom, toilet, shower, locker room, or sauna. (2) Nothing in this chapter or in any other provision of state law grants the right to any person who possesses female anatomy or female deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) to enter into or use a public or private facility that is open to the public and is or has been segregated by gender for the use of those who possess male anatomy or male deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) including, but not limited to, a bathroom, restroom, toilet, shower, locker room, or sauna.

Co-sponsors of HB2782 includeTom Dent (R), Dan Griffey (R)

  • Sen. Doug Ericksen (R) has introducted the draconian SB6443, which calls not only for the repeal of current human rights protections for transgender people in Washington state, but for a ban on ANY FUTURE legislation to protect the rights of transgender or gender diverse people in the state:

AN ACT Relating to the human rights commission’s rule-making 2 authority; and adding a new section to chapter 49.60 RCW. BE IT ENACTED BY THE LEGISLATURE OF THE STATE OF WASHINGTON: NEW SECTION. Sec. 1. A new section is added to chapter 49.60 RCW to read as follows: The human rights commission shall repeal the rule currently 7 codified at WAC 162-32-060 in its entirety. The human rights commission may not thereafter initiate any rule-making procedure that involves the subject of gender segregated facilities.

Co-sponsors of SB6443 include: Barbara Bailey (R), Mike Padden (R), Steve O’Ban (R), Jan Angel (R), Randi Becker (R), John Braun (R), Mark Miloscia (R), Judy Warnick (R), Bruce Dammeier (R), Jim Honeyford (R), Mike Hewitt (R), Pam Roach (R), and Don Benton (R)

These efforts is driven by an anti-transgender, religious extremist political agenda fueled by HATE, IGNORANCE & INSENSITIVITY TO THE ABUSE OF TRANSGENDER YOUTH.

Please support the Washington SAFE Alliance.


Introduced by Representatives Jesse Kremer (R), Jeremy Thiesfeldt (R), David Craig (R),
Bob Gannon (R), Cody Horlacher (R), Andre Jacque (R), Ken Skowronski (R) and Paul Tittl (R), cosponsored by Senators Steve Nass (R), Terry Moulton (R) and Duey Stroebel (R).

Assembly Bill 469 (AB469) is driven by far-right conservative politics and extremist Judeo-Christian ideology. It is intended to write into law both discrimination against transgender-spectrum children, youth and adults AND a reproductive organ/documentation-based definition of both sex and gender.

Statements made by the legislators fall right in line with the anti-transgender agenda:

  •  “You don’t know if they’re up to no good or not,” he said. “This opens up a real good window for sexual predators if they want to take advantage of it.” (Rep. Jesse Kremer)
  • “I held a hearing in the Assembly Education Committee on a bill [AB469] that would solve this problem in our schools. For over 8 hours we heard from a variety of folks who said that such a [sexual predator] scenario was rather implausible. Guess what, it’s not!” (Rep. Jeremy Thiesfeldt Facebook post in relation to an isolated 2015 sexual predator incident in Toronto, Canada)

This effort is driven by an anti-transgender, religious extremist political agenda.



The Three Stooges: An Epidemic

Multiple extremist individuals, groups and organizations opposed to transgender people having access to gender segregated restrooms that correspond to their gender identity use propaganda to incite fear that there is, or will be an epidemic of men claiming to be women in order to gain access to girl’s/women’s restrooms for the purpose of committing various crimes, including sexual harassment, voyeurism, rape and other violent acts.

These dangerous extremist organizations have a coordinated strategy of citing the following three individuals as evidence to justify opposition to restroom access for transgender people. Once you know the facts, their lies and propaganda are easily exposed.

Note: Some of these individuals are described by the media as having “cross-dressed”. The use of this term to describe these individuals act of dressing in clothing stereotypically associated with women should not be construed or interpreted as an implication that people who identify as crossdressers are criminals. There IS a difference, and that difference matters.


Jason Pomare is a cisgender (i.e. assigned male at birth, identifies as male) predator who dressed as a woman in order to secretly videotape women in a mall restroom. At NO POINT did Mr. Pomare claim to be a transgender woman. He is a criminal who used a disguise to commit a crime.

This crime occurred in Palmdale, California in 2013.


Norwood Smith Burnes is a cisgender male predator who dressed as a woman in order to expose himself to people in a Walmart restroom. He had a long arrest record of indecent exposure and was on probation for public indecency. In 1989 Mr. Burnes was arrested for assault on a police officer, cocaine possession.  At NO POINT did Mr. Burnes claim to be a transgender woman. He is a repeat offender who used a disguise to commit a crime.

This crime occurred in Calhoun, Georgia in 2010.

7TaMBzMqcTaylor Buehler was, at the time, a cisgender 18-year old male who entered a community college women’s restroom in order to engage in voyeurism and sexual gratification. He was wearing a wig and a bra at the time (which extremist organizations refer to as “dressed in women’s clothing”), and had a pair of women’s panties in his pocket, but was otherwise dressed in stereotypically external male clothing. At NO POINT did Mr. Buehler claim to be a transgender woman.

This crime occurred in Everett, Washington in 2012.

Anti-transgender extremist organizations cite 3 examples of situations in which men dressed in varying degrees of “women’s clothing” have gained access to gender segregated women’s restrooms or locker rooms for nefarious criminal purposes. Let’s break their propaganda down…

  • None of these 3 perpetrators were transgender
  • None of these 3 perpetrators “claimed to be transgender.”
  • These 3 perpetrators were, to varying degrees, pretending to be women for the purpose of committing a crime.
  • None of these 3 crimes were violent in nature

The Statistical FACTS:

  • U.S. Population = 319 million people

Overall statistical data on voyeurism and public indecency crime is not collected, however by any measure 3 non-violent incidents out of 319,000,000 over a 3-year period is hardly evidence that restroom access rights for transgender people will result in an epidemic of “cross-dressing male sex crimes against women”

In contrast, let’s look at hate crimes against transgender people, for which statistics ARE kept by the Federal Bureau of Investigation:

  • In 2014 law enforcement reported 1,178 SOGI (Sexual Orientation/Gender Identity) hate crime incidents [FBI]
  • 23.6% (278) of those crime incidents were “mixed bias”, which includes transgender victims [FBI]
  • 109 hate-crimes were based specifically on gender identity
    (69 anti-transgender, 40 anti-gender nonconforming) [FBI]

So…what does all this mean?

  1. Transgender and gender nonconforming individuals are SIGNIFICANTLY more likely to be victims of a hate crime incited by extremist propaganda and hate speech. This is particularly true for transgender women in general and transgender women of color specifically.
  2. Privacy violations in gender segregated restrooms are committed by criminals, NOT transgender people. Laws are broken based on criminal actions, not wardrobe choices.
  3. Cisgender male voyeurs, exhibitionists and predators are not just waiting patiently for transgender rights laws to pass before diguising themselves in “women’s clothes” to commit their crimes or privacy violations.
  4. Since these criminals are already “dressing as women” to gain access to women’s restrooms, extremist campaigns to prevent transgender women from using gender segregated restrooms are irrelevant.

Anti-transgender “bathroom bills” are based on intolerance, hate, ignorance and extremist religious or far-right conservative ideology. Nothing more. Nothing less.

This blog is maintained by TransActive Gender Center, a leading national non-profit organization providing education, advocacy and other resources and services to gender diverse children, youth, their families and the communites in which they live.

WA State: “Bathroom Bill”

Family Policy Institute of Washington (FPIW)

fpiw_logo Full3CLAIM: That the State of Washington Legislature has adopted a human rights rule (Washington State Register [WSR] 15-11-104) and enacted a law (Washington Administrative Code [WAC] 162-32-060) that allows men
(i.e. people who actually identify as male and present themselves socially as male) to access girls/womens restrooms and locker rooms without restriction AND that if these men decide to undress in those gender segregated spaces that girls/women who are offended by it will have no recourse but to leave the restroom.

FACT: The Family Policy Institute of Washington claim is part of a coordinated national propaganda campaign by extremist religious, far right cultural conservative and other anti-trans hate entities to misrepresent civil rights protections for transgender girls and women. The phrase “men in women’s restrooms” in ALL of its variations is extremist hate ‘code’ for transgender girls and women using gender segregated public accomodations that corresponds with their consistently expressed gender identity and gender expression.

Read WSR 15-11-104 for yourself
Read WAC 162-32-060 for yourself

Rebuttal of FPIW Statements:

1. “Schools must allow boys into the girls’ locker room if they claim to be a girl.”


The wording is intended to dismiss the authenticity of transgender girls’ identity by characterizing them as boys. It intentionally twists reality by stating that under WAC 162-32-060 any boy could claim to have a female identity in order to temporarily gain access to locker rooms or restrooms for the purpose of voyeurism, sexual harassment or violence against girls.

WAC 162-32-060 states the following: (1) Facility use. All covered entities shall allow individuals the use of gender-segregated facilities, such as restrooms, locker rooms, dressing rooms, and homeless or emergency shelters, that are consistent with that individual’s gender identity.

Contrary to what the FPIW and people like Mike Huckabee (see video) might want you to believe, entering a gender segregated facility for the sole purpose of ogling or sexually harassing girls/women is a violation of existing law in virtually every state. It’s about ‘motivation’ and is vastly different from using a restroom or locker room that is consistent with that individual’s expressed gender identity.

What the Family Policy Institute of Washington and their extremist colleagues in anti-trans hate don’t want you to know is that the claim that a boy would have the right to use the girls’ restroom in school has already been tested and rejected by a court of law. (Doe v. Clenchy, pgs. 12-14)

The Washington law specifically addresses inappropriate (or criminal) behavior in gender segregated facilities:

WAC 162-32-060 covers behavior within gender segregated facilities: (2) (b) Any action taken against a person who is using a restroom or other gender-segregated facility, such as removing a person, should be taken due to that person’s actions or behavior while in the facility, and must be unrelated to gender expression or gender identity. The same standards of conduct and behavior must be consistently applied to all facility users, regardless of gender expression or gender identity.

2. “Women will be removed from the women’s restroom. Naked men will not. The rule states that it is illegal to ask someone who is confused about their gender to use a separate facility for the benefit of women and children who might be uncomfortable.”


The law states nothing of the sort:

WAC 132-32-060 (2)(a) If another person expresses concern or discomfort about a person who uses a facility that is consistent with the person’s gender expression or gender identity, the person expressing discomfort should be directed to a separate or gender-neutral facility, if available.

This is about accomodating those who are uncomfortable with a person they perceive to be transgender using a gender segregated facility. It encourages the availability of additional gender segregated or gender-neutral facilities for their use. Getting naked in the public area (as opposed to a private stall) of any restroom by anyone, anywhere would be generally inappropriate under any circumstances, and fall under the previously cited section (2)(b) of the statute.

The phrase “confused about their gender” is extremist hate code for any/all transgender persons, and is intended solely to negate the authenticity of transgender individuals’ identity.

The Family Policy Institute of Washington does not have the best interests of gender diverse and transgender children, youth, adults and their families at heart. They are an extremist organization distributing propaganda to the uninformed and those predisposed to intolerance.

 This blog is maintained by TransActive Gender Center, a leading national non-profit organization providing education, advocacy and other resources and services to gender diverse children, youth, their families and the communites in which they live.

A Guide to The Usual Suspects

This is an alphabetical listing of individuals, groups and organizations that consistently disperse and/or distribute lies, misinformation or ideologically driven anti-transgender propaganda about transgender individuals, identity and public policies that support civil rights protections for those who are gender divese.

It’s important to know that among many of these organizations, there is no differentiation between being gay and being transgender, as they believe all LGBTQ-spectrum identies are simply subsets of the “gay agenda”.


Abiding Truth Ministries / R. Scott Lively
Religious Extremist/Anti-Trans Hate

Anti-LGBT hate monger and Christian extremist R. Scott Lively statement in support of Russia’s oppressive anti-LGBT laws:

“The beauty of the Russian law is it cuts right to the heart of the real problem of LGBT advocacy: the recruitment of children… What I mean is the normalization of homosexual conduct and culture to children and youths, leading them to engage in homosexual experimentation among themselves and subsequently self-identify as “gay.”

He/They pose an EXTREME danger to all children and youth

Advance America
“Advance America is [Indiana’s] largest pro-family, pro-church, pro-private and home school, and pro-tax reform organization.”

This organization is far right wing Christian extremist, engaging in anti-transgender hate, oppression and incitement of others to violate the human and civil rights of transgender children, youth and adults. They pose an EXTREME danger to all children and youth.


Alliance Defending Freedom
Religious Extremist/Legal Activism

“It is not enough to just win cases; we must change the culture, and the strategy of Alliance Defending Freedom ensures lasting victory.”

American College of Pediatricians
Religious Extremist/Anti-Trans Hate Group/Pseudo-Medical Propaganda

“It is the position of the American College of Pediatricians that young children who present with a complaint of feeling as if they were born into the body of the opposite sex, or who exhibit behaviors predominantly identified with the opposite sex be evaluated extensively, along with their nuclear families.  This should be done by a competent mental health professional  who can sort out and address psychopathology and who does not have a bias to recruit the patient to an opposite gender identity… There is published evidence that psychotherapy can realign the patient to heterosexual orientation if that is what the patient and family wish to do.”

Their positions are dangerous to all children and youth

Americans For Truth About Homosexuality (AFTAH)
Religious Extremist/Anti-Trans Hate

“Peter LaBarbera, 52, is president of Americans For Truth about Homosexuality (AFTAH), a non-partisan, non-profit group dedicated to exposing the homosexual-bisexual-transgender activist agendas.”

“Perhaps the depression and suicidal ideation that gender-confused teens, post-op “transsexuals,” and homosexuals experience results in part from societal disapproval, but perhaps their anguish results at least in part from apprehension of the truth that God has written on their hearts regarding homoerotic activity, cross-dressing, and bodily mutilation.”

AFTAH published and supported the following commentary by Laurie Higgins of the Illinois Family Institute. It was in response to the suicide of an Ohio transgender teen who had been rejected by their extremist Christian family:

“There is no evidence that [the teen’s] parents abused him [intentionally misgendering her] or even rejected him [emphasis theirs]. They rejected his belief that his desire to be a girl signified something true and good. They rejected [the teen’s] belief that his desire to be a girl should be affirmed as central to his identity. And they rejected his request to pursue bodily mutilation.”

They pose an EXTREME danger to all children and youth

American Vision
Religious Extremist/Anti-Trans Hate

The following letter to California Governor Jerry Brown is posted on the American Vision website. It is related to California Assembly Bill 1266 which protected transgender student rights:

“In attempting to protect “transgender” students, you have not only helped consign them to living their life as a lie, but you have also risked the safety of a host of other children out there. So when will you resign? Will it be when the first messed up “transgender” kid commits suicide because they were led to believe a lie about themselves as a result of your legislation? Will it be when the first sexual harassment or abuse case emerges as a result of the law you have signed? Or will you repent and repeal the law before such situations arise?”

They pose an EXTREME danger to all children and youth

Breitbart News
Far Right Conservative “News”/Far Right Conservative Opinion

Excerpt from an anti-transgender 2015 article written by Thomas D. Williams, PhD:

“When nature is removed from the equation the only thing left is personal self-expression, which can take on as many forms as there are human beings. Society’s pathological fear of offending others by calling a spade a spade and a sickness a sickness has left us in the impossible situation of supporting every whim imaginable, even to the point of amputating limbs, calling boys girls and helping people kill themselves.”

Center for Family and Human Rights (C-FAM)
Religious Extremist/International Anti-Trans Hate Group

General Assembly Fights Back Against Sexual Left:
“The [United Nations] General Assembly this year was one of the most socially conservative in recent memory. The sexual left has been wrangling with delegates at the General Assembly for years, because countries inevitably find their suggestions distasteful and inappropriate. But, with the help of influential friends in Europe and the USA the sexual revolutionaries always manage to make some normative gains, however minor. This year they were denied any progress at all… Sexual orientation and gender identity was kept out of all resolutions, a sound defeat for homosexual pressure groups.”

Chalcedon Foundation
Religious Extremist/Christian Absolutist

“We believe that the whole Word of God must be applied to all of life. It is not only our duty as individuals, families and churches to be Christian, but it is also the duty of the state, the school, the arts and sciences, law, economics, and every other sphere to be under Christ the King. Nothing is exempt from His dominion. We must live by His Word, not our own.”

Christ The King Convenant Presbyterian Church (Larkspur, Colorado)
Religious Extremist/Anti-Trans Hate Group

“The word of God is quite clear. He’s destroyed every culture that has embraced homosexuality. The sin is similar to that of cannibalism and child molestation in the sense that it’s a sin against society.”

They pose an EXTREME danger to all children and youth

“DIRT” aka Lynn M. Baker


Family Policy Institute of Washington
Religious Extremist/Far Right Cultural Conservative

“The Family Policy Institute of Washington works to unite a coalition of allied national and local organizations to create public policy that recognizes and respects the significance and sanctity of the family.”

They pose an EXTREME danger to all children and youth

Family Research Council
Religous Extremist/Far Right Cultural Conservative/Anti-Trans Hate Group

Mission of Organization:
“Family Research Council’s mission is to advance faith, family and freedom in public policy and the culture from a Christian worldview.”

From “Understanding and Responding to the Transgender Movement“:

“In recent decades, there has been an assault on the sexes… The first wave of this attack came from the modern feminist movement and the second from the homosexual movement. The third wave of this assault on the sexes has been an attack on a basic reality–that all people have a biological sex, identifiable at birth and immutable through life, which makes them either male or female.”

They pose an EXTREME danger to all children and youth

Family Research Institute
Religious Extremis/Anti-Trans Hate Group

“Family Research Institute is a non-profit scientific and educational corporation that believes the strength of our society depends on preserving America’s historic moral framework and the traditional family. FRI is working to produce sound, scientific data on pressing social issues — especially homosexuality — in an effort to promote traditional policies. We welcome all who would join in the fight to restore a world where marriage is upheld and honored, where children are nurtured and protected, and where homosexuality is not taught and accepted, but instead is discouraged and rejected at every level.”

They pose an EXTREME danger to all children and youth

Family Watch International
Religious Extremist

“Preserve and promote the family, based on marriage between a man and a woman as the societal unit that provides the best outcome for men, women and children.”

Gender Identity Watch
Anti-Trans Hate Blog/Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminist (TERF)

“Gender Identity Watch is a blog devoted to tracking legislation and case law that attempts to codify “gender identity” into law and to override protections based on sex.  Contributors to Gender Identity Watch are lawyers who apply a radical feminist analysis to gender, but who also are aware of the compromise that comes from interaction with legislatures and the courts.”

The following post by frequent contributor Linda V. Shanko (under the pseudonym GallusMag – TRIGGER WARNING) is but one of many examples of posts containing misrepresentations of fact and conflation of crimes committed by cisgender male predators with everyday, non-invasive use of gender segregated facilities by transgender girls and women.

“One of the tropes Transjacktivists use to promote and legalize their desire to eliminate female spaces is to assert that males with GID are speshul snowflakes or claim that males wouldn’t adopt transgenderism in order to prey on women. Or that males who are arrested repeatedly for getting off on watching women perform intimate activities (in places they assume they are free from males) wouldn’t go through the trouble of putting on a wig that makes those same activities legal.” 

They pose an EXTREME danger to all children and youth

Generations with Vision
Religious Extremist/Anti-Trans Hate Radio

“There are no professionals on this program. There are no psychiatrists, professional counsellors, bureaucrats, and seminary professors. But you will find fathers, mothers, grandparents, pastors, and friends. We are introducing modern life to a different social context. We also assume the existence of God and the foolishness of human thought without the benefit of transcendent truth.”

They pose an EXTREME danger to all children and youth

Heterosexuals Organized for a Moral Environment (H.O.M.E.)
Anti-Trans Hate/Anti-LGB Hate

A H.O.M.E. suggested letter from parents to their LGBT child:

“Now, if you feel that you have to engage in homosexual activity, as long as you are living in our house we must insist you don’t. If you go ahead and do so, you will create problems… And if you are living outside of our home, and you choose to flaunt the fact that you engage in homosexual activity, that will also create embarrassing problems. No moral family is going to be very welcoming to members of that family who loudly and proudly engage in immoral activity… It will be much easier to include and welcome you in family functions (though it could still be awkward) if you are discreet about your homosexual activity. Needless to say, any homosexual lovers/partners you have will not be welcome at family functions… Actions have consequences. Choices have consequences.”

They pose an EXTREME danger to all children and youth

Howard Center for Family, Religion & Society
Religious Extremist/Far Right Cultural Conservative

“Even if Republicans were to succeed in constitutionally defining marriage as a relationship between a man and a woman, some judge somewhere would soon discover a novel meaning for ‘man’ or ‘woman’… This is already happening in custody cases involving transsexuals. Britain’s Gender Recognition Bill now allows transsexuals to alter their birth certificates to indicate they were born the gender of their choice.  “The practical effect of the bill will inevitably be same-sex marriage,” writes Melanie Phillips of the Daily Mail.  “‘Man’ and ‘woman’ will no longer mean anything other than whether someone feels like a man or a woman.  As a result, priests may unwittingly marry people of the same sex.”

Illinois Family Institute
Religious Extremist/Anti-Trans Hate/Far-Right Cultural Conservative

“We oppose efforts to include “sexual orientation” as a category for preferential status under civil rights statutes at the federal, state and local levels. We support a full repeal of SB 3186, a law which adds “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” to Illinois’ Human Rights Act. We believe such laws invariably erode the freedom of people of faith and others who oppose homosexuality and normalizing gender confusion (“transgenderism”) as a matter of conscience.”

They pose an EXTREME danger to all children and youth

Liberty Counsel
Religious Extremist/Anti-Trans Hate Group/Legal Activism

“Today Liberty Counsel filed a lawsuit against the School Board of Fairfax County, Virginia, for illegally changing its nondiscrimination policy so that it conflicts with the state’s policy… The board added “sexual orientation” on November 6, 2014, and again added “gender identity” on May 7, 2015, of which the school failed to even define its intended meaning.”

Mass Resistance
Religious Extremist/Anti-Trans Hate Group/Anti-Trans Legislative Activism

From the Mass Resistance website “About Us” page [Emphasis theirs]:

Boston Herald columnist Howie Carr once described us as a “hardcore pro-family group.” Through uncompromising first-hand reporting we expose the agendas and horrors targeting children in schools and the institutions of society. We provide analysis so the average person understands what’s really happening. And we give citizens and activists everywhere the tools and strategy to effectively confront the anti-family forces against them.

They pose an EXTREME danger to all children and youth

Pacific Justice Institute
Religious Extremist/Legal Activism

“Pacific Justice Institute is a non-profit 501(c)(3) legal defense organization specializing in the defense of religious freedom, parental rights, and other civil liberties. Pacific Justice Institute works diligently, without charge, to provide its clients with all the legal support they need.”

Parents Rights in Education Oregon
Anti-Trans Youth Propaganda/Far Right Cultural Conservative

“Though it is unclear who exactly crafted this draft policy document, resources for school personnel and families referenced within it include the Portland-based organization TransActive; the same organization which, on July 9, 2015, expressed support of Oregon taxpayer-funded gender transformation/reassignment surgery for minors without parental consent. In addition, TransActive Executive Director Jenn Burleton was a 2013 keynote speaker at the controversial Oregon Adolescent Sexuality Conference… Parents’ Rights in Education would like to know how allowing a “transgendered boy” into a locker room full of young girls is considered “best practice” and how does this provide a safe and civil environment for these young girls?”

Their positions are dangerous to all children and youth


Pray In Jesus Name Project aka Gordon James Klingenschmitt
Religious Extremist/Anti-Trans Hate Propaganda

Gordon James Klingenschmitt (aka “Dr. Chaps”) is the national TV show host of PIJN NEWS on the NRB network, affiliate faculty at Colorado Christian University, and the former Navy Chaplain who dared to pray “in Jesus’ name.”

“Dr. Chaps” authored the following petition to Congress in opposition to the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA):

“Nancy Pelosi admitted ENDA is a “bathroom bill” that forces women and little girls nationwide to share public bathrooms and locker rooms with cross-dressing men. ENDA would punish any Christian employer with fines, penalties, and lawsuits for “segregation” and “discrimination” if they disagree. Gender confusion is a spiritual and psychological disorder that needs proper counseling…”

He/They pose an EXTREME danger to all children and youth

The Ruth Institute
Religious Extremist/Far Right Cultural Conservative

“For the past fifty years, the Sexual Revolution has torn families apart through divorce, cohabitation, out of wedlock childbearing, abortion and pornography. The “gay marriage” issue is but one strand of a larger cultural problem of the Sexual Revolution and the destruction of marriage. A whole generation suffers from childhood wounds, and from participation in the toxic sexual culture. Loneliness and cynicism are among the widespread results of the Sexual Revolution.”

Save California
Religious Extremist/Far Right Cultural Conservative

“SaveCalifornia.com is a leading West Coast nonprofit, nonpartisan organization standing strong for moral virtues for the common good. We represent children and families in the areas of marriage and family, parental rights, the sanctity of human life, religious freedom, financial freedom, and back-to-basics education.”

Sons of Thundr (Faith Baptist Church)
Religious Extremist/Anti-Trans Hate Group

“WE WILL continue to scorn, mock, rebuke and dispute with the sodomites [homosexuals] and we will never accept the wicked act of so-called “Gay Marriage”! You may continue to turn the Truth of God into a lie and you may never return to the closet, BUT YOU WILL NOT ESCAPE THE MESSAGE !
Romans 1:26-32″
They pose an EXTREME danger to all children and youth

Traditional Values Coalition
Religious Extremist/Anti-Trans Hate Group/Far Right Conservative

“For over 30 years, TVC has warned that the homosexual agenda has nothing to do with toleration.  These people are demanding acceptance of their lewd and sick lifestyle, and they are willing to wage a ruthless war of extermination against Christianity in the public square to get what they want.”

They pose an EXTREME danger to all children and youth

Truth In Action Ministries/D. James Kennedy Ministries
Religious Extremist/Anti-Trans Hate Group

Truth in Action Ministries is a ministry that educates, motivates and activates believers to understand God’s truth, apply it to their daily lives, and transform their culture for Christ.

United Families International
Far Right Conservative/Anti-Trans Extremist

“United Families International is devoted to maintaining and strengthening the family. By strengthening the family, communities, states and nations are strengthened.”

Family:  Respect for existing law, political structure, religion and cultural norms that preserve the family.

Marriage:  Respect for marriage between a man and a women founded on chastity before marriage and fidelity in marriage

Westboro Baptist Church
Religious Extremist/Anti-Trans Hate Group

Their hate speech is too extreme to quote & at the furthest extremes of religious ideology.

They pose an EXTREME danger to all children and youth

Wisconsin Family Council


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